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Vacuum Insulation Panel

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Product Description

product description
Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) ,It is a new type of thermal insulation, heat saving and environmental protection material based on the principle of vacuum insulation. The vacuum insulation panel combines the advantages of the two methods of vacuum insulation and microporous insulation, and thus achieves a high degree of thermal insulation effect. The heat transfer coefficient of Junyue brand vacuum insulation rice can be less than 1.8mW/(m.K), and its thermal resistance value is equivalent to 10 times or even higher than that of ordinary insulation materials. Compared with traditional thermal insulation materials such as polyurethane foam (PU), vacuum thermal insulation panels do not use ODS substances in the production and application process, which has the dual advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. Currently widely used in refrigerators, construction, freezing and refrigeration equipment and other fields.
Product parameters
project scope error
Product Specifications long 50~2000mm ±3mm
width 30~1400mm ±2mm
thick 2~50mm ±1mm
density 240~300kg/m3 ±10kg/m3
Performance parameters Operating temperature -70~80℃
Thermal Conductivity <1.8mW/m.k
internal pressure < 10Pa
external pressure ≤200Pa
service life ≥15year